Becoming More Like Jesus in Covidian Times

Pre-recorded breakout session workshops


Joy Walton, MD

Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Columbus OH

Dr. Walton is the daughter of Korean missionary parents with whom she now co-labors. She is a meds-peds physician and works part time as an adult hospitalist and in chronic care of children with complex health needs. She is a native of Columbus, Ohio where she resides with her husband and three children.


Session Description:

Have you wondered how Jesus would have navigated living through these Covidian times? During a divisive and racially charged time in history, Jesus moved into the neighborhood and initiated an extended conversation with a Samaritan woman. As Christ followers living in unprecedented times, what would it look like for us to take the Samarian road, to live out an us FOR them mentality, and to fully embody the grace and truth of Jesus?  Through the bonds of the Spirit, may we seek unity (not uniformity) and find ourselves looking more like Him every day.




Recommended books:

  1. Faith Unraveled, Rachel Held Evans