Dementia and Quality of Life

Pre-recorded breakout session workshops


Deon Cox Hayley, DO

Program Director Geriatric Medicine | Professor Division of General and Geriatric Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine | University of Kansas Medical Center

Dr. Hayley has spent the last 30 years caring for and importantly, teaching others about the care of the older adult. She has taught hundreds of interprofessional students, medical residents, fellows and patients and families. Her scholarly work focuses on dementia, excellent care at the end of life and medical education.


Session Description:

Dementia is common and is often lying in the background of older adults. The neurodegenerative changes, while different in each person, have many implications in the loss of autonomy--so critical in our lives. We will consider everyday examples of losses and how a Christian response to addressing these can empower patients, family and others.



  1. Review neurodegenerative processes of dementia
  2. Explore implications of loss of autonomy in dementia
  3. Propose health care provider responses to losses in dementia