Jesus’ Curious View of Justice

Pre-recorded breakout session workshops


Mike McLaughlin, MDiv

Western Regional Director, CMDA

Michael has served as the CMDA western regional director for the past 36 years, overseeing the CMDA campus and community ministry in 15 western states. CMDA ministry happens in the west largely because of the ~200 volunteers on 70 campuses and among the 3,000 western CMDA members. He lives in Portland with his wife Linda of 46 years. They have two adult married children and four grandchildren who all live in Oregon.


Session Description:

Are you committed to Justice? How much has your view of Justice been shaped by western culture? Can you articulate the difference between "western Justice" and the "justice" mentioned ~400 times in the Old Testament? Jesus grew up with an Old Testament view of Justice directed at the "quartet of the vulnerable" and lived his life accordingly. We can learn to do what he did.



(not a book) - I recommend The Bible Project podcasts on this topic and others.

Darilyn Falck 2012

Darilyn Falck, MD

Dr. Darilyn Falck is a residency trained, board certified emergency medicine physician with over 20 years of clinical experience. Four years ago she ventured into academic medicine and found it incredibly fulfilling. She enjoys teaching, mentoring, and advising medical students and remains committed to training up the next generation of healthcare professionals. While in residency, she met her husband Troy, also an EM physician, and they have been married for 21 years. They live with their daughter, Micala now 11 years old, in Newcastle, CA. Darilyn has been an active member of CMDA since medical school and currently serves on the Sacramento Area CMDA Council and the WPC Advisory Board.