Navigating Academic Medicine

Pre-recorded breakout session workshops

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Andrea Johnson, MD, Reeni Abraham, Debra Schwinn, MD, and Carena Chai, DO

Reeni Abraham – Clerkship Director and Associate Professor, UT Southwestern Internal Medicine/Palliative Care

Debra Schwinn, MD – President, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Carena Chai, DO – Waco Family Medicine Residency Program, Family Medicine, Global Health Track Directory, Centering Pregnancy Director

Andrea Johnson works as an Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, the institution where she completed both medical school and residency training. She works primarily teaching/supervising residents and students clinically, but also serves as a mentor for the UME learner communities and the office of Global Health. Two strong passions of Andreas are training physicians from a framework based in truth, compassion and excellence and advocating for family, reproduction, and sexuality according to Gods perfect design.


Session description:

An academic medicine career offers a rich opportunity to impact the health care industry through scholarship, mentorship and caring for underserved populations. It also comes with several nuances and challenges unique to a career in academics. Come join a panel of women who have worked in various arenas of academic medicine in discussion on being a light in medical institutions, navigating the politics as female faculty members and maximizing impact on clinicians in training.