Fifteen months ago, when the conference co-chairs, Lynn Hickman and Patti Francis, prayed about a verse for the theme of our 2020 conference, they felt led to choose Jeremiah 31:25. “For I will refresh the weary soul and replenish all who are weak.” In His perfect way, God knew in advance we would ALL need rest and replinishment in our new COVID-19 world!

We welcome you to our first-ever WPC Virtual Conference! 


A special greeting for our FIRST-TIMERS:

If this is your first time to a WPC Conference, we are so happy to have you join us! WPC offers a unique opportunity for Christian women physicians and dentists, and medical and dental students, residents and fellows, to share in fellowship, education and networking through our annual conference. Yes, this year is different, and hopefully everything will work smoothly! We truly believe you will experience just a taste of the blessings an on-site gathering of these professional women offers. Be sure to attend the nightly Hang-outs to get to know other WPCers, and plan to be in the 1st Timers Zoom Meeting on Saturday at 4 pm EDT.



Conference Format--The virtual format will allow for you to either

  • Follow along with the schedule, or
  • View or review any of the talks later at your convenience.
  • Any combination of 1 & 2!


The “Conference-Like” Experience—The Main Track Events Schedule features all of our plenary talks, devotions, CME talks, 6 of our most-requested workshops, exercise breaks, and other information. This schedule will take you from Friday evening through a full day on Saturday and Sunday.  Please be sure to note the starting times for your particular time zone. Each event is easily accessed from the links on the opening conference page. Unlike at an on-site conference, this virtual format provides a unique opportunity to “see” all 26 talks, at times of your choosing. If you wish to take a break anytime from the scheduled Main Track Event Schedule, please know that ALL of the talks will be available anytime between now and October 20 for you to view or review.


Connect with Meet-UpsThis is your chance to connect with women based on your needs and experiences. The 16 Meet-Ups have specific scheduled times on Saturday and Sunday. Find the one(s) you are interested in, and be sure to click on the link at that time to join any of these live Meet-Ups. (We sent a survey to inquire of attendees’ interest in each topic, but if you did not receive the survey, or decide you wish to attend another one, please, feel free to join in!)


End-of-the Day Group Gatherings--We encourage you to join with other attendees one of the 3 post-plenary zoom rooms at the end of each evening. Each night, one is to discuss the plenary talk with other attendee; a second is for communal prayer; and  the third is just to “Hang Out” with other conference attendees and get acquainted with new women.