The Rainbow Connection: Homosexuality and the Church

Pre-recorded breakout session workshops


Autumn Dawn Galbreath, MD

Medical Director

Autumn Dawn Galbreath is an internist in San Antonio, TX where she lives with her husband David, a restaurateur, and their three children, Coggin (21), Eleanor (19), and Norah (12). She has been involved with CMDA since her first year of medical school.


Session description:

The church has often adopted an "us-and-them" mentality with regard to the LBGTQ community. How can we better connect to and love same-sex attracted individuals? How is God calling us to minister to them?


Recommended books:

  1. A War of Loves (David Bennett)
  2. Space at the Table (Brad and Drew Harper)
  3. People to be Loved: Why Homosexuality is Not Just an Issue (Preston Sprinkle)
  4. Grace/Truth: Five Conversations Every Thoughtful Christian Should Have About Faith, Sexuality, and Gender (Preston Sprinkle)