When Family Doesn’t Happen: Forging Better Relationships

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Becky Klint

Becky Klint-Townsend, MD

Becky is a Pediatrician who did residency at Children’s Hospital Oakland where she met Patti Francis, a lifelong friend in WPC. She practiced general Pediatrics from 1985 to 2008 in small group practice in Fremont, CA.  She worked the last years in Pediatrics at Kaiser Permanente from 2008 to 2019 in Fremont, CA, then retired and moved back to Visalia, CA (Central California) where she grew up.

Her claim to fame in Pediatrics is making animal sounds for her patients!

Becky “found” Scott in 2002 through an online Christian dating service while looking through profiles sitting overlooking the ocean, vacationing in Hawaii. After a year of long-distance dating, he moved to California and they married 9 months later in May, 2004. He has two grown children who are both married and they expect his daughter to deliver the first grandchild this year!

She enjoys gardening, playing the piano, nature photography, investing in friends and her extended family as well as having time with her “Honey”, being a “helpmeet” since being retired, and sharing ministry together.


Session Description:

If you imagined your family or personal relationships would look different than they do right now, welcome to the club. And, what can we do when these dreams and longings just aren’t happening? Today we’ll talk about hope and God’s redemptive story that moves us from the lies that destroy to the truth that frees and heals....please join us!